The monitoring of the Saker falcon in Bulgaria is underway
Mar 02, 2023
Experts from BSPB and Green Balkans are continuing the monitoring of the Saker falcon’s population in Bulgaria. The team is revising not only the known locations of the species but also potential new territories and historical sites. The aim of this activity is to determine the number of occupied breeding territories and their breeding status. Other raptor species are also recorded e.g. Imperial eagles, Peregrine falcons, Long-legged buzzards and Golden eagles. 
Hungary conference
BSPB and Green Balkans took part in the annual Hungarian Raptor Conservation Conference
Feb. 03, 2023
Raptor experts from BSPB and Green Balkans took part in the Hungarian Raptor Conservation Conference and the PannonEagle LIFE project closing conference that were held in Hungary in late January. The conferences took place in the town of Jaszbereny and gathered experts on raptor conservation from Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria.
Zeleni Balkani
Fourteen juvenile Saker falcons fledged from their nests in Southern Romania and Bulgaria
Aug. 22, 2022
From the middle of May, the project team resumed the activities related to the monitoring of the Saker Falcons in the protected areas included in the LIFE for Falcons project, dedicated to the conservation of this critically endangered falcon species. The field visits, carried out between May and July by both Romanian and Bulgarian experts, aimed to assess the reproductive success of the pairs identified at the previous monitoring session.
IBEI hamster
IBER team mapped successfully Romanian hamster colonies in Bulgaria
Aug. 02, 2022
The IBER team mapped donor colonies of the Romanian hamster instead of the hot weather and harsh conditions in July 2022. During the research holes were found and some individuals were captured. The hamsters were measured and photographed, their gender and age were identified and they were released back in the nature. After the designation of the colonies from which individuals have to be taken, we will implement the activities for capturing and breeding them in 2023.

ivaylo dimitrov
Help us save the souslik together!
Jul 29, 2022

In 2020 the European souslik (Spermophilus citellus) was designated as a globally threatened species. This amiable relative to squirrels, lives in meadows and pastures in Central and Southeastern Europe, where it is adapted to the traditional agricultural practices. Unfortunately, with the intensification of the agriculture and declining of the pastoralism the souslik is losing its habitats. One third of the colonies in Bulgaria vanished between 1950 and 1990 and this is still the current trend. Bulgaria at the same time is a center for the species dissemination with the highest genetic diversity. That is why the conservation of the souslik in our country is extremely important  for the surviving of the species.
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Interministerial group with expert from BSPB’s project team startеd working on the establishment of a special unit for investigation of the crimes against the nature
Jul 25, 2022
Ministry of Interior Press-center starts establishing a special unit for investigations crimes against the nature. With an order of the minister of internal affairs the working group in which takes part also a BSPB representative – part of the team of Life for Falcons project, aims to analyze the necessity and the opportunities for the establishing of the unit.