IBER team
New sites of Romanian hamster in Bulgaria were mapped by IBER experts
Apr. 06, 2023
In March dr. Yordan Koshev and dr. Maria Kachamakova from IBER-BAS with the help of Yasen Gensuzov, student in the Faculty of Biology (SU St. Kliment Ochridski) successfully proceeded with the activities of mapping the hamster, part of the project “Life for Falcons”.
The monitoring of the Saker falcon in Bulgaria is underway
Mar 02, 2023
Experts from BSPB and Green Balkans are continuing the monitoring of the Saker falcon’s population in Bulgaria. The team is revising not only the known locations of the species but also potential new territories and historical sites. The aim of this activity is to determine the number of occupied breeding territories and their breeding status. Other raptor species are also recorded e.g. Imperial eagles, Peregrine falcons, Long-legged buzzards and Golden eagles. 
Hungary conference
BSPB and Green Balkans took part in the annual Hungarian Raptor Conservation Conference
Feb. 03, 2023
Raptor experts from BSPB and Green Balkans took part in the Hungarian Raptor Conservation Conference and the PannonEagle LIFE project closing conference that were held in Hungary in late January. The conferences took place in the town of Jaszbereny and gathered experts on raptor conservation from Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria.