The conservation of a highly mobile species as the Saker Falcon with a large distribution range could only be successful if the activities are well coordinated. Bulgaria and Romania both contributed to the Saker Falcons Falco cherrug Global Action Plan (2015 – 2024) prepared by CMS Raptors MoU in 2014. The Raptors MoU will support the project by ensuring dissemination of project results and providing direct contact with the experienced and motivated Saker conservationists globally as the Saker GAP applies to the entire geographic range of the species.

The population monitoring data suggest that if the cumulative effect of threats is not controlled and reduced, the majority of the sub-populations may significantly decrease or become extinct. There is, therefore a need for urgent, coordinated action requiring the full engagement of key stakeholders to maintain and restore its conservation status.

In the frame of the LIFE for Falcons project the project partners will continue the networking efforts and establish new collaborations with other organisations that work on raptor conservations and related projects. Interactions with projects such as these will ensure direct transfer of experience and help project team to apply holistic approach and best practices in Saker Falcon conservation. We will share our results widely to facilitate replicability in other areas. Specific technical cooperation will be established by direct communication with relevant projects inside and and outside Bulgaria, to ensure the project’s connectivity. In the case of BSPB and SOR, its established links through the BirdLife International network of partners make this opportunity very straightforward, given the BirdLife culture of cooperation and information sharing.