International Saker Falcon Conference was held in Stara Zagora from 12 till 15th of October

Oct. 17, 2023
From 12 till 15 of October the International Saker Falcon Conference within Life for Falcons project was held in Stara Zagora. It was organized by Green Balkans and BSPB as part of the activities within the project, funded by EU’s LIFE Programme.

Over 50 participants from different countries took part in the conference amongst them Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, China, UAE, etc.

The official opening of the conference was visited by the deputy mayor of Stara Zagora, mr. Radostin Tanev, and prof. Galina Simeonov – representative of the governing body of the Thracian University, Stara Zagora.

During the initial two days of the conference there were 30 presentations and 7 round tables on different topics – from the direct conservation activities to research and field activities to genetic research of the separate populations and comparative analysis of the results. We proudly announce that two of the presentations were held by veterinary medicine students from the Thracian University, who are Green Balkans volunteers.

Third day of the event was dedicated to a filed trip. First, our guests visited the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center where they got acquainted with the work towards the returning of the species and visited the facilities of the Center. 

After that the participants traveled to the area with the adaptation aviaries for the releasing of the young falcons. At the end of the event some of the guests had the opportunity to release a Long-legged buzzard and a Common kestrel, healed in the Center’s clinic.

Photos: Green Balkans