Young Saker Falcon has been observed by the Green Balkans team and volunteers

Feb. 14, 2024
Saker 3
Last month the Saker falcon project team from Green Balkans observed several times a young bird from the species.

After careful examination we concluded that it has been released last year within the restoration of the species activities. It has been hatched in Czech Republic on 29th of April 2023 and it has been sent as a gift to Bulgarian nature from our friend and colleague Lubos Vanek.

The examination and the measurements of the bird‘s body prior to its release showed us that it is a male, that‘s why we named it Apostol. It has been released on 12th of June 2023 and it stayed in the area of the hacks exactly 40 days, before heading to its longer journey.

The first observation after the bird has left the place of its releasing was made by one of our volunteers on 31st of January this year. From this moment on, the Saker falcon lives in the same territory and feeds mainly with voles.

This it the third Saker falcon which the team observes this winter from the birds released during the field season in 2023.