Two Saker Falcons were sighted on New Year's Eve!

Jan. 04, 2024
saker new year
On the very eve of the new year, the Green Balkans field team of "Life for Falcons" project recorded an exciting observation!

The young female Saker Falcon which was tagged with a GPS transmitter earlier in the summer by the organisation's team, was located and photographed in the field. Naturally, the transmitter itself contributed to this, which for now justifies the goals for which it was placed, namely – to show the bird's migration route, but also the suitable foraging, roosting and hopefully nesting places for Saker Falcons in our country.

Another confirmation of the usefulness of this endeavor was the fact that the bird was not alone, but in the company of another falcon – which turned out to be a young male also hatched and marked with a color ring last year.

The behaviour of the two birds was also interesting as the female was observed to actively steal food from the male.

We remind you that both birds are part of Green Balkans' work on restoring the species in Bulgaria, in which activity our organisation is a pioneer in the country. We have been working to this end for more than ten years now.

The success of the venture is also proven by the fact that in the last few years, especially since the start of the "Life for Falcons" project and the targeted observations part of it, records of Saker Falcons in the wild have become a fact. To date, with a few exceptions, all observed birds have been ones hatched at the Green Balkans Rescue Center and released as part of the organisation's reintroduction activities.

Photos: Green Balkans