Seminar with members of the club of hunters and anglers ‘Diana’ was held in Yambol

May 23, 2023
Yambol meeting
The club of hunters and anglers “Diana” in the town of Yambol, Bulgaria hosted a seminar within the LIFE for Falcons project on 17th of May, dedicated to the establishment of the cooperation with the regional hunters’ community. Over 50 hunters took part in the seminar and had the opportunity to share their opinion on topics related to the conservation of the game and the protected bird species and their habitats in the area.

In the first part of the event BSPB team presented their activities within LIFE for Falcons project, which aims at increasing the population of one of the rarest birds in Bulgaria through a complex of measures towards minimizing the threats to the species. The main threats for raptors were presented amongst which are the habitats destruction, poisoning, poaching, nest robbing, etc. Many of these threats are related to the decrease of the game and mutual efforts of the nature-conservation NGOs, hunters and institutions are necessary to tackle these problems. BSPB presented in front of the participants the protocol for action when finding poisoned animals or poisonous baits, since the hunters are often the first who find such accidents in the nature.

Representatives of the UHAB presented the pocket edition of the Hunter’s bird guide and all of the participants received a copy of it. The guide aims at helping the hunters in identifying the game species and the protected species similar to them. In the second part of the seminar Green Balkans team presented their Saker Falcon reintroduction program in Bulgaria, which includes the breeding of the species in the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center in Stara Zagora and the releasing the young birds in the nature.

We want to thank the Club of hunters and anglers Diana, Yambol and its president Stoyan Stoyanov for the organization and hospitality.

Photos: UHAB