New sites of Romanian hamster in Bulgaria were mapped by IBER experts

Apr. 06, 2023
IBER team
In March dr. Yordan Koshev and dr. Maria Kachamakova from IBER-BAS with the help of Yasen Gensuzov, student in the Faculty of Biology (SU St. Kliment Ochridski) successfully proceeded with the activities of mapping the hamster, part of the project “Life for Falcons”.

During the activities new sites were established and the caught individuals were measured and released back into the nature. Simultaneously the premises in which the pilot activities of the breeding of the Romanian hamster has been prepared.

The Romanian hamster inhabits agricultural land mainly celeriac, alfalfa and cereals.
It is endemic of Europe, occupying only the middle and eastern part of the Danube Plain in Bulgaria and Romania. In the IUCN Red List the species is classified as Near threatened and it is a protected species in Bulgaria.

Conservation of this small mammal is a key for the conservation of the Saker Falcon, because it will improve the food base of the species and it will create favourable conditions for increasing the number of the nesting birds in Bulgaria.

Photos: IBER