New observation of a Saker Falcon in the wild

Dec. 11, 2023
Saker F
Last week during one of the regular monitorings the field team of Green Balkans, part of "Life for Falcons" project, registered a new observation of a Saker Falcon in Bulgaria!
After checking the rings which it was marked with, we found out that the bird was hatched on May 3rd this year at the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre of Green Balkans.

"On June 8th, the Saker was placed in adaptation aviary (hack) number 5, and on June 18th, the aviary was opened. The falcon fledged on June 21st and was last observed in the area on September 27th" shared Green Balkans field assistant Yana Andonova and added – "Interestingly, this is the last observed Saker in the hacking site overall this season, which was recorded by our trap cameras".

According to the Centre's team, the bird is female and has been named Ava. Its release in the wild is part of the long-term efforts of Green Balkans related to the reintroduction of the species in Bulgaria.

After a two decade absence, in 2018, the first successfully breeding pair of Saker Falcons was confirmed in our country. It was made up of birds hatched and released in the wild by Green Balkans. From this moment on the field experts of the "Life for Falcons" project register one to two pairs in Bulgaria every year. They are all composed of falcons released under the same restoration programme.

In 2023, we observed two Saker Falcon pairs originating from the Centre, which hatched and raised a total of six chicks.

Photos: Green Balkans