Life for Falcons team from Green Balkans and volunteers exchanged experience with colleagues from Austria and Czech Republic

Dec. 13, 2023
Green team
Members of the Green Balkans’s Wildlife Rescue Breeding Center visited seven Breeding centers in Czeck Republic and Austria to exchange experience with their colleagues in the area of fostering, breeding and releasing into the wild birds of prey hatched in captivity.

The team visited Szeget Zoo, Prague Zoo, Wild Animals Rescue Center Huslik, Hodonin Zoo in Czech Republic, BOA Farm for purebred cattle, and Vultures Breeding Center in Haringsee, Austria.

During the trip and the meetings with the colleagues, Green Balkans’s team together with the breeders of the species, such as Saker Falcon and Bearded Vulture, exchanged valuable experience.

We visited the aviaries, the places for breeding the young birds; we talked about the releasing methods, tracking and success assessment of the different methodologies. We peеked inside the buildings and rooms, the food warehouses and their equipment.

We are confident that the newly gathered knowledge and the new contact will help us in the work of reintroductions of the species in the Bulgarian nature.

Photos: Green Balkans