Life for Falcons project was presented during Familatlon in Sofia

Jun 12, 2023
Children’s laughter, excitement, and smiles filled the Great Meadow in South Park on Saturday, June 3rd. Over 1500 families honored the tradition and came to Famillathon to celebrate the family, sports, and a healthy way of life for the 15th consecutive year. Children and parents spent valuable time together on the beautiful Saturday and participated in numerous games, activities, workshops, and raffles for prizes.

Children and parents started gathering at the festival early in the morning, intrigued by the atmosphere of the small colorful town of tents that emerged on the green meadow in the park. Even passersby stopped to explore the participants’ booths, where different schools, products, and causes were presented.

We, from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), were also there and celebrated our 35th anniversary by sharing with visitors our organization’s goals and mission, as well as our activities in conserving emblematic endangered species, such as the Saker Falcon, Souslik, and Eastern Imperial Eagle. We also organized the traditional birdwatching tours in South Park.

The activities of BSPB at Familotlon 2023 are organized within the framework of the LIFE projects “LIFE Danube Free Sky” “LIFE for Eagle’s Habitats” and “Life for Falcons“.

Photos: Yordanka Lukanova