Green Balkans team of the project found a new Saker falcon pair in Bulgaria

Mar 26, 2024
female saker
In march 2024 experts from the Green Balkans "Life for Falcons" team, found a young bird, released by them last year in the wild.

The female falcon was tagged with a GPS transmitter which allowed the team to track its movement and to suppose it has an admirer. The field observations made by the experts confirmed this suspicions and our colleagues watched as the male courted the female, bringing her food.

The female falcon has been hatched last year in the aviary of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center of Green Balkans within the activities of the restoration of the species in Bulgaria. She is a part of the 19 birds released via the hacking method.

We cannot expect the couple to raise an offspring, because the Saker falcon reaches sexual maturity on the second or third year after its hatching. We will continue to observe their lives with curiosity and hope for their successful breeding.

This is the third confirmed pair of Saker falcon in Bulgaria. All of the pairs consist of birds, released within the activities of the Green Balkans dedicated to the species restoration.

Photo: Green Balkans