Green Balkans’ team of the Life for Falcons project took part in Wildlife Fest 2023

Sep. 29, 2023
Last week the Green Balkans team, part of the project Life for Falcons took part in Wildlife Fest 2023 – Wild animals of the Balkans.

For the second year we have told the photography enthusiast and professionals who participate in the convention about the Green Balkans activities for the restoration of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria, and about the field work for searching and monitoring of this extremely rare bird.

We talked about the nature in general, about the animals and the humans as part of the ecosystem.
Our helpers were again our feathered friends, the buzzard Misho and the common kestrel Bladko, who are the ambassadors of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center of Green Balkans.

We are thankful u for the invitation and for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event, because the wildlife photographers are not only friends but also our partners. Actively visiting the filed they are the people whose lens often catch different rare species. This information helps us in the search and localizing of the wild animals whose reintroduction in the nature we are working on for.

Photos: Green Balkans