Green Balkans team presented the activities of the project in front of the future hunters from Stara Zagora and the region

Apr. 10, 2024
Stara Zagora Hunters
This March Green Balkans team working on the Life for Falcons project presented the activities within its framework in front of the coming hunters from Stara Zagora and the region as well as the almost 15-years long efforts for the restoring the species in the country. Almost 200 candidates took part in the series of lectures about the work towards the restoration of the Saker falcon, monitoring, conservation and the research of the species in Bulgaria. They learnt more about the work for the conservation of the raptors and their place and role in the ecosystem and its balance and for the people. We tackled the question about the overall role of the vultures in the ecosystems and for the maintaining the balance in the population of all the species.

Guest lecturer was our long-standing friend and supporter Dr. Raycho Ganchev – one the iconic figures in the forestry, hunting and game conservation in Bulgaria. He told the coming hunters for the responsibility and the serious role of the hunter for keeping the rich biodiversity of the country.

At the end all of the participants received a copy of the Hunger’s guide, published within the Life for Falcons project. It will help the future hunters to recognize the birds fast and strict during the hunt.

We are thankful to RDF Stara Zagora and eng. Kristian Kolev, with whose help we could organize our meetings with the coming hunters. We are thankful for all of the lecturers – eng. Ivan Gluharev, eng. Siyka Petkova, eng. Kolyo Ivanov, and Toshko Ruse, who were so kind to dedicate some time for the lectures from the courses of the future hunters.

Photos: Green Balkans