Focus group within the project LIFE for Falcons was held in Bolyarovo

Jun 09, 2023
On 31st of May in Bolyarovo a focus group within the LIFE for Falcons project was held. 13 representatives of the key stakeholders took part in it – farmers, hunters, pigeon fanciers, local authorities and local business.

The goal of the meeting was to research how much the local community knows about the Saker Falcon and the small mammals and to raise more relevant to the subject questions – to determine the attitudes towards Natura 2000 network, raptors and small mammals, EU agricultural funds, and to establish hunting and farming practices in the region. The participants actively shared their opinions and made many suggestions for resolving of some of the challenges in front of the cohabitation of the raptors and humans.

LIFE for Falcons project (LIFE20 NAT/BG/1162) is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the globally endangered Saker Falcon in 28 areas of Natura 2000 network. The main goal of the project is to support the restoration of the population while mitigating the main threats for the species alongside the ongoing restocking program run by Green Balkans. 

On 19th and 30th of May two other focus groupd were held in Sliven and Topolovgrad with the same goal and results.

Photos: Nikolay Lebanov