Falcon forest will grow near Natura 2000 protected area Kamenski bair

Dec. 19, 2022
Falcon Forest
The end of the last week marked the beginning of the Falcon Forest, started by one of the partners in the Life for Falcons project - Green Balkans.

150 black poplar saplings were planted by the Green Balkans project’s team, volunteers from the Trakia University, representatives from the State Forestry Sliven, Southeastern State Enterprise, and Nature park Sinite Kamani. The initiative is a part of the efforts of restoration of the Saker Falcon species in Bulgaria by providing the future pairs with a suitable nesting grounds.

We thank the SESE who donated the saplings and chose the wonderful place for their planting, which perfectly fitted the requirements of the species!

The initiative Home for Falcon, financed by TELUS Bulgaria, part of the project Life for Falcons, proved again that the NGOs and the government institutions  can work together towards the nature protection! Because this is the only way to success! 

We thank all of the enthusiastic participants! The Falcon forest is already a reality! Let’s hope that some years from now it will be a new home for the species!

Photos: Green Balkans