A new nesting territory of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria has been found

May 05, 2023
New pair
Weeks of resilient observations gave results and we found another Saker Falcon pair during this nesting season. 

It was no surprise to us that one of the birds of the pair has been released within the breeding program of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center of Green Balkans, part of the activities of the project Return of the Saker Falcon in Bulgaria. This was confirmed by the orange ring in the female leg, which is the proof that she has been hatched in the Center in 2020.

The Green Balkans team works 12 years for the restoration of the Saker Falcon as a nesting species in Bulgaria after decades of its absence in the wild nature of the country.

This season, together with the BSPB’s field team within the Life for Falcons project, funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union, we observe two confirmed pairs of the species in Bulgaria. Both of them are formed by birds, released as part of the Green Balkan activities dedicated to the returning of the species in the country.

We hope that we will share more often with you such news, which brings us hope and joy.

Photo: Green Balkans