The unknown small mammals presented the IBEI team of the project in the European researcher night

Oct. 06, 2022
European researcher night
On the 1st of October during the European researcher night dr. Yordan Koshev from the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research presented the unknown small mammals to the visitors of the event. As a part of the team of the project Life for Falcons, dr. Koshev gathers information about the colonies of the European souslik and the Romanian hamster in Bulgaria. The conservation of these two endangered species is of key importance for the conservation of the Saker falcon as well.

Dr. Koshev told the audience more about the profession and the work of the theriologist – the small mammals expert. The research and mapping of the souslik and hamster colonies in the country is one of the main tasks to the scientist – one to which the citizen science also could contribute.

The European suslik and the Romanian hamster are part of the food base for the Saker falcon. Extinct in some European countries, the souslik is preserved in Bulgarian thanks to the long-standing efforts of the environmentalists and scientists. The endemic species of Romanian hamster lives only in Bulgaria and Southern Romania and the program of its conservation is one of the pilot activities within the project Life for falcons. 

Photos: BSPB