The "Life for Falcons" project team visited a festival in Romania

Sep. 20, 2023
© Зелени Балкани
Over the past weekend, a team and volunteers from Green Balkans, part of the "Life for Falcons" project, funded by the EU's LIFE program, visited a festival of the Federation of Hunter Associations in the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

There we met with representatives of various institutions and local and foreign non-governmental organizations, including the Bulgarian Falconry Union and the Romanian Association for the Protection of Birds of Prey and Promotion of Falconry.

We were able to exchange experience and ideas, as well as to talk about our activities on the project, the territory of which also includes the Danubian cost of Romania.

The contacts of the project team with representatives of various hunting associations and falconry organizations are particularly valuable for us and are an important part of the work. Only with dialogue and joint efforts will we be able to help the fragile population of the species in our country.