Presenting Life for Falcons project on the Medieval festival Bdin

Sep. 09, 2022
At the end of August the project team of the Wildlife Rescue Breeding Center was invited by the Vidin Municipality to participate in the Bdin Medieval festival, which was held at Baba Vida fortress.

The Life for Falcons project in which Green Balkans is a partner was presented at the festival. In front of its guests the team share the information about the incredible bird which is the Saker Falcon and about the efforts of bringing it back in the Bulgarian nature. Some of the inhabitants of the Center took part in the presentation – the Saker Falcon Romeo, the kestrel Vladko and the buzzard Misho.

An important part of the discussion was the explanation that parallel to the development of the ecology as a branch of science the passion of the mankind to tame and bend the raptors has been transformed by the deeper understanding of their significance as a part of the ecosystem and into the aspiration to their preserving. We turned the attention to the threats to the species in the wild, the hunting ban in Bulgaria and legislation requirements for the holding of wild birds.

Photograpsh: Green Balkans