Life for Falcons Project took part in 30th celebration of European Birdwatch

Oct. 04, 2022
Life for Falcons team from the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds took part in the biggest celebration of the bird migration, organized by BirdLife International and its partners across Europe and Central Asia. 

The event was held in the South Park in Sofia, in front of the Statute of the Great tit. More than 30 people has participated in the birdwatching walks and learned more about the endangered and migratory bird species. 

While the other participants strolled along the alleys of the park the team welcomed the passer-byеs to stop and hear about our work with endangered bird species, amongst which is the Saker falcon.

European Birdwatch is the biggest birdwatching event, organized by BirdLife International. This year more than 19 000 people across the continent took part in more than 750 events. More than 4.6 million birds have been observed during their migration south. This year was the 30th anniversary of the event. Its main goal is to raise awareness about the dangers along the migration routes and about the conservation of the species and their habitats.