Interministerial group with expert from BSPB’s project team startеd working on the establishment of a special unit for investigation of the crimes against the nature

Jul 25, 2022
© Ministry of Interior press-center
© Ministry of Interior press-center

Ministry of Interior Press-center starts establishing a special unit for investigations crimes against the nature. With an order of the minister of internal affairs the working group in which takes part a representative of BSPB, part of the team of Life for Falcons project, aims to analyze the necessity and the opportunities for the establishing of the unit.

First sitting of the committee has been held on 13th of July. Amongst its members are experts from different units of the Ministry, engaged in the crimes against animals (pets, wild and protected animals) and the nature; experts from the Ministry of environment and waters, and Ministry of agriculture, representatives of the prosecution and of the NGO sector.

One of the main goals of the experts is to develop a uniform protocol of action in cases of detected abuse, infringement or crime against the nature, as well as constituting of the coordinating body, which will give timely and effective support on the institutional and operational level.

Another important task of the working group is creating conditions for improving the exchange of information between institutions and integrated specialized channel for whistleblowing about infringements and crimes against the wild animals and nature.

Bulgarian society for the protection of birds supports the work of the group with its long expertise in the fight with crimes against protected bird species. Over 15 years our team works actively against the poisoned baits, poaching, nest robbing and trafficking, leading to the serious threats to many species such as Saker falcon, Imperial eagle, Red-breasted goose, Egyptian vulture, etc.