3 confirmed Saker falcon pairs nest in Bulgaria this year

Jun 11, 2024
saker GB
Green Balkans and BSPB teams from the Life for Falcons project monitors precisely of the known so far nests of wild Saker falcons from early spring till late autumn.

This is why we know that this breeding season we have three pairs who has grown 4 new falcons up till now! Only two of the pairs has fledglings, and unfortunately the third couldn’t been able to hatch the chickens from the eggs.

Two of the birds from one of the pairs have already taken their first flight and now fly free in the sky, taken care of by its parents. They teach the young birds of surviving skills, how to find food and the best resting places. The two birds of the other pairs are still young, but we expect that they too will leave the nest soon.

It’s an interesting fact that the female in one of the pairs who bred successfully has been hatched in the Green Balkans’s Wildlife rehabilitation center last year. We know that thanks to the satellite transmitter put on the bird before release. The surprise come from the fact that these birds don’t reach sexual maturity before their third year.

At least one of the parents in all of the pairs is a bird, released within the Green Balkans programme for the restoration of the species as nesting in Bulgaria. And since the bird tracking is extremely difficult, we cannot exclude the possibility that all of them have been released by the Green Balkans programme.

Photo: Green Balkans