Save the Raptors

Activities, Education

The LIFE+ “Save the Raptors” project involved a series of free training sessions for teachers from 257 schools in the Natura 2000 areas. These training sessions were organised in 8 district towns - Haskovo, Kardjali, Yambol, Sliven, Pazardjik, Vratsa and Gabrovo, with the assistance of the Regional Inspectorates (RIO) of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES). Furthermore, BSPB education experts participated in several annual meetings of natural science experts from the RIO, and in the national environmental education conference, in order to reach out to an even broader range of teachers.

The project study shows that nearly 80% of the teachers rate the training as very useful and use the teaching aids produced from the project in their work.

In 2001, we published the teaching aid titled "Masters of the Sky" - Guide for the Nature Loving Teacher. It includes 116 color pages with information about globally endangered birds; protected areas; entertaining games teaching us to protect nature; a short bird identification manual and a glossary. The book comes with a CD with interesting presentations and games, and with an electronic version which you can see here

The General Education Materials section allows you to find also games, tasks, a gallery with drawings of animals, birds, plants, insects and ready presentations of nature and wild bird conservation object-lessons.

The project team believes strongly that the environmental consciousness and the creation of conditions for sustainable use of natural resources begins in the family, but also goes through class and through school. This is why we have invested much effort to organise the "Ornithology Olympics" competition. More than 250 schoolchildren from the districts of Haskovo, Kardjali and Yambol competed for the title 'best young ornithologist' and for the big prize - a birdwatching pair of binoculars.

The team has been involved in the organising of the 'Kartali' week-long nature conservation camp for three years in a row. This camp gathered nearly 300 people in May near the ‘Studen kladenets’ water reservoir and has sealed unforgettable emotions and knowledge in the hearts of all participants.

Kartali brigade, photo: Dimitar Gradinarov

Another ambitious idea is to create mobile groups of trainers who visit all priority schools in the ten project areas within Natura 2000, where they make presentations about bird and biodiversity conservation. The volunteers are young people who live near the project areas.

The ultimate goal of the educational activities of the project was to incite love for nature in every child.